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    Gentle whole body scrub that will leave your skin polished, energised and smooth. Use it over your whole body to bring up smoother skin that has a new and fresh feel, and in order to prepare your skin to absorb as much hydration as possible from the body mousse. Remove any rough spots, awaken your senses and invigorate your body using this amazing formula. 

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    A mildly exfoliating and cleansing formula that helps to remove excess sebum, and eliminate surface oils and impurities in order to leave the skin feeling smooth, fresh and clean. 

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    This enriched cutting edge body mousse serves as a luxurious and exquisite emulsion that is easily absorbed to provide instantaneous hydration. Comes with a gentle aroma provided by a mixture of select extracts. Use it whenever you want for moisturising your body, and without having to worry about it being greasy or too heavy.

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    This velvety eye treatment consists in a lightweight and rich cream, which helps illuminate the area of skin surrounding the eyes, ease dark circles and diminish puffiness. The eyes will instantly appear more rejuvenated and with continuous use, its rare mixture of active ingredients will aid in conditioning the fragile are around the eyes, leaving it...

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    This absolute premium, unprecedented and cutting edge lifting treatment has been inspired by the latest techniques in face lifting for an unparalleled and instantaneous lifting and tightening effect.

    £ 951.32 -15% £ 1,119.20
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    This innovative essence for the skin is a very concentrated mixture of Trésor's special pearl powder, stem cells from plants, liposomes and phospholipids that help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. For optimal results, apply it prior to our BX-Skin Relaxor Cream.

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    The ultimate peeling gel for the face that helps cleanse, brighten, condition and detoxify the skin, whilst giving it a lighter, fresher and softer look. This great concoction includes a special combination of active ingredients to comfortably and methodically remove cells of dead skin, residues and surplus oil, which will leave your skin feeling soft and...

    £ 319.20
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