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Avoid surgical treatments and give a try to these amazing Hollywood treatments

There are lots of talented and beautiful female stars that are willing to avoid a visit to the operating room or their plastic surgeon. Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie are among the celebrities that stand against any form of plastic surgery. Penelope Cruz is another star who has said ‘no’ many times to the scalpel.

Every day more and more people are choosing non-surgical alternatives and procedures to try to take away years. Some of today’s most popular cosmetic treatments available use Baby Drop Fillers, on which minuscule drops of fillers are employed to ease wrinkles. Which can be used for an instantaneous effect, which is why they are in such a high demand by celebrities who like to use them for big events.

Some quick fixes that will get you ready for the red carpet

‘Head to Toe Tightening’ is among the hottest treatments from the top of the hill. Basically a team of experienced nurses work on tightening every square of the body, including brows and eyelids, and you also get a luxury mani-pedi. Getting all these things done at the same time saves a lot of downtime, and allows you to go directly to makeup and hair prior to an important event.

Botox Lite is really hot right now, and consists in tiny injections of Botulinum toxin in several points of your forehead, to obtain a much softer look. This special treatment is perfect for actresses who want to look younger, and also need to act effectively and show emotion.

Facials of Vitamin IM Injections have taken the hill by storm, as they are the hottest thing right now among starlets needing to shine at some party, or even recover from a wild night. This treatment is performed by an aestheticist who works on your skin, while a registered nurse is in charge of administering a Vitamin IM injection that will give you a real energy boost and a superb inner glow.

The many very satisfied customers are saying that the knife is a thing of the past thanks to the long series of treatments you have available that don’t involve any risks or huge downtimes. The Tresor Rare range has several products that will transform the skin without needing to go under the knife. Our Ultimate Pearl Protecting and Finishing Powder is a great example of a how to get flawless finish and a spectacular complexion really fast in case you need to be ready at a moment’s notice.

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