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Beauty tips from Bizarre ‘A’ Listers

Because A List starlets are always standing in the spotlight, they are always on the hunt for the newest cosmetics that can give them a radiant and youthful skin.

For some of us, quite a few of these beauty trends and innovations, might seem to be “out there”, although they are getting great reviews from lots of ‘A-Listers’. Some of the controversial ones are the new face creams that have incorporated the placenta protein, which is said to stimulate the renewal of skin cells and lessen the formation of expression lines. Non-squeamish and practical celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Eva Longoria have endorsed them. These concoctions are able to achieve their miraculous anti ageing effects thanks to the numerous antioxidants, active enzymes and vitamins they have.

Nothing less than Coffee grains!

The newest body scrub is surprisingly nothing less and nothing more than coffee grains. To you it might be just a hot and tasty beverage but some celebrities like Halle Berry swear the coffee grains make her skin look softer and brighter.

Do you have any milk?

The wealthy have for ages used milk to help them stay beautiful. You might remember that even the famous Cleopatra used to bath in milk every day. Cindy Crawford decided some time ago to continue this tradition and some say she splashes milk on her face every morning in order to keep it hydrated. And when you think about it, it makes sense, because milt is very rich in fat, so that it may very well nourish the skin.

Forget about the toothpaste…

Catherine Zeta Jones, the well-known Welsh actress, like many more, enjoys strawberries, although I’m sure you wouldn’t guess why. She keeps her teeth white and sparkling clean by rubbing them on her teeth. After we consulted some experts, we learned that the strawberries malic acid can whiten the enamel in your teeth, but you shouldn’t do this more than one time per week, since you could end up damaging your teeth.

All of these celebrities have dazzling smiles and beautiful skin in common, and if these awesome beauty tips are working for them, then you should think about giving them a try.
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