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Luxury spas worth visiting

If you need some rejuvenation and relaxation, you will find an ideal solution in these spas.

The list is headed by a spa from Bali, Indonesia, the Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa. This new hotel calls home a prefect strip of coast that is ideal for relaxing on the beach, while its magnificent spa provides the ultimate pampering facilities. Each and every room has an ocean view as well as all the amenities you would expect of a top notch hotel like this one, including a Jacuzzi on the balcony. If you want the perfect room, then you should ask for room number 643. You’ll have access to your private pool, and some amazing coastline views. Some of the treatments available are the Balinese Massage, the traditional version which is ideal after a flight.

In Switzerland you can find the exclusive Clinique La Prairie, in Lake Geneva, which is another spa hotel that offers stunning vistas, and you can easily and conveniently reach from the nearest airport via a limo transfer. You’ll have a vast amount of treatments to choose from, that go from ‘electroridopunction’ to Thalasso and ‘Beautymed’, in addition to retail therapy at the nearby Montreaux.

The LeFay Resort and Spa is just 90 minutes away Verona, near Lake Garda in Italy. This elegant resort will restore you to your ‘overall wellness’, or so it claims, with its consultations and treatments, and we must not forget its tailored programs. Its rooms have views of Lake Garda, with huge bathrooms, a Jacuzzi overlooking the lake, an infinity pool for yourself and your own room for treatments.

Examine these luxury spa concoctions you can enjoy at home

If your hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow you to enjoy a time off in a spa, there are plenty of great luxury products that will help you keep your mind and your body refreshed, detoxed and balanced. You should look for those that contain minerals from the Dead Sea, which are known for their success in rejuvenating and reducing stress.

Trésor Rare’s awarded range of products are a great alternative to the spa if you don’t have time for it. Some of their active ingredients include deep seawater pearls, stem cells from plants, selected minerals and diamond dust, which are ideal for giving yourself a luxury treatment for your skin at home.

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