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New facial treatments made in Hollywood that you should try

A very active lifestyle means that sometimes it can be pretty hard to accommodate a lengthy treatment for the face, and a surgical option is becoming less and less popular, but thankfully there’s another option that can deliver great results. With the ‘Q’ facial there is no-downtime at all. This amazing treatment targets redness on the skin, while working on skin tone and texture, as well as skin tightening and illuminating your skin from within giving it a lovely glowing look. If your life is so hectic that you don’t have time even for this treatment for the face, many experts recommend picking a Stem Cell Repair serum that serves more or less the same purposes and you can use at home.

¡This one’s electric!

The new and latest electric facials turned a few heads with an amazing glow at a red carpet event, this amazing look is given by a ‘electrical aestheticist’. This treatment employs various types of electrical current to assist the lymphatic drainage, enhance radiance, ease circles and kill any bacteria responsible for acne. Some even say that these facial treatments can promote cellular repair. ¡It’s no wonder why so many starlets have these professionals on their speed dial!

Blemishes, where have they gone?

Another among the latest trends in facial treatments is the one called ‘bacteria busting’, which promises to kill any bacteria on your skin using a gauze that has been dipped in liquid nitrogen at freezing temperatures. Sounds really cold, but as long as it delivers as promises and makes blemishes go away, it seems to be worth every penny. You can also get rid of any pesky imperfections using a cortisone injection or ‘cort shot’, which is able to shrink spots in less than 48 hours. But if you need a quicker solution you can use a (Near Infrared Light) NIR to smooth the skin, which greatly reduces redness and swelling in less than 24 hours, which should be able to get you ready for any big event just in time.

All the crave is about these new cosmetics right now, so it might be a good time to find out why. If you want to attain skin perfection, you can also choose the great award-winning Tresor Rare Parfumerie range of cosmetics. You can never go wrong if you start with our stellar Ultimate Pearl Essence, which has been concocted using a secret combination of active ingredients to freshen, soften and lighten your skin.

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