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Remain Beautiful When You Fly

The new rules governing air travel forbid you to take liquids aboard planes. This unfortunately means you can no longer take any moisturiser, lip gloss or perfume with you on a plane. As a traveller who is conscious with beauty needs, this late development shouldn’t dismay you, as we are going to give you several tips to make sure you look your best at all times.

  • First of all, cut down your caffeine intake before the journey. It is a well-known fact that coffee, tea and sodas dehydrate your skin. Eat fruits that have a lot of water, like mangoes, berries and oranges or drink water. Avoid any alcohol while in the plane, because this will also dehydrate you.
  • Moisturise before flying using a rich and creamy moisturiser to make your skin glow all the way through your flight. Trésor Rare’s Complete Age Defying Facial Treatment Cream will aid in keeping your skin hydrated and supple all the way through your flight. Our Complete Age Defying Facial Skin Concentrate is perfect also for when you finally land.
  • Look for powder versions of your conditioner and shampoo, or a slid from perfume. You could also bring along a bit of baby powder; it’s great to freshen up while en route.
  • Cleansing towels are also a great option for refreshing your skin while in the plane, and you can also keep it shine free and matte using blotting tissues for the face.
  • If you want your look to last the whole journey you could try long-lasting skin care. Longwear Eye shadow won’t smudge or cake, and they are a lot of longer lasting lip liners and eye liners that will stay on for as long as you need. A lot of celebrities swear by the benefits provided by mineral foundations due to their long staying power that allows them to their best when they are greeted by a horde of paparazzi just seconds after arriving.
  • You can also use false eyelashes to make you appear much more awake, and if you want to keep your lips conditioned and glossy you can use a coloured lip balm.

Remember using these amazing travel tips to ensure that even the longest flight won’t make you look frazzled!

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