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The immense effects that has incorporating gold into your cosmetics

Gold is considered the ultimate precious element thanks to its ageless lustre and eminence. This metal is very malleable, so much that it can even be moulded with your bare hands. You can find gold in each and every continent, this is why it’s very likely that the first metal crafts were made using it. Since ancient times, genuine and real gold has been highly regarded and used to add glamour and elegance to clothing, jewellery, décor and royal artefacts, because gold never ever loses its singular distinction. Gold was used to display the wealth possessed by a prominent individual or family. It was also used to line furniture and coat walls in palaces, dangled from necks and ears, woven into robes and clothes and became the choice material for crafting sceptres and crowns. Gold, doesn’t rust or tarnish and is after all, nearly indestructible. When you uncover old relics they look exactly like when they disappeared or were lost or buried thousands or hundreds of years in the past.

In the course of human history gold has been also very valued for the many health benefits it possesses.  Historians have been able to undercover concrete and real evidence that proves that royalty has used pure gold in cosmetic products such as facial masks to help keep their skin impeccable. The well-known Last Pharaoh, the famous Cleopatra, applied thin sheets made of pure gold as part of her treatments for her face in order to keep her legendary beauty. Whilst our ancestors had nature, wisdom and mysticism to help them, modern scientists know for a fact that gold possesses incredible anti-inflammatory benefits. When it is suspended inside a liquid concoction and injected directly into joints, it can be used to treat many conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Gold also appears to be able to reverse time and turn back the effects of time on the skin, or even prevent them from ever appearing. It’s anti-inflammatory benefits and properties can also be used to treat sensitive and tired skin. The aforementioned anti-inflammatory benefits and properties can also stop the breakdown of elastin and collagen, the fibres that keep your skin youthful and firm. By helping maintain these balanced levels of elastin and collagen, gold treats or prevents wrinkles and expression lines.

The warmth emitted by gold brightens the skin and lessens the formation of dull and aged skin. Gold can also dissolve on the surface of the skin, where reflecting light whilst tiny particles of it seep into your pores to protect the skin against discolouration and expression fine. Gold also acts as a great conductor, so that body heat and energy can incubate in order to heighten your complexion.

By imitating the great ancient minds from years past, today’s top dermatologists and scientists are currently using colloidal gold and gold dust (24 karat) in the best cosmetic treatments. Also within the last few years, the globe’s elite have begun to use gold-infused skin care products in their daily beauty routines. The elite and celebrities stand by spa facials and creams made using gold as their main active ingredient.

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