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Tresor Rare is the winner of the Pure Beauty Awards 2015

Beauty connoisseurs have made up their minds and the critics agree: Tresor Rare products are worth every penny.

The Pure Beauty Awards distinguish beauty brands and new skin care products that reinvent the beauty, cosmetic and skin care retail business. These new products inspire and amaze the masses to redefine beauty and impress audiences. Although all the nominees are chosen by veteran beauty experts with voting rights and memberships, the ones who pick the winners are the beauty connoisseurs and the loyal readers of the Pure Beauty magazine. Each winner is placed in a specific category for anti-ageing, skincare, dental care, fragrance and hair care, for both women and men.

In the Pure Beauty Awards of the year 2015, the board decided to showcase our newest perfume line as one of the winners in the category of Best New Female Fragrance.

This rosé-coloured line from Trésor Rare possesses aromas derived from rare flowers, fruits, fragrant musk and herbs. Each fragrance has been very carefully and precisely hand-crafted to create an aura that will accompany its wearer, and be suitable for any occasion. And what’s even more impressive, each of our perfumes has been created to become unique and special for each and every wearer. When you apply perfume, your body acts as a diffuser for the elements that comprise the concoction, going penetrating your skin and transforming the aroma into an experience that transcends its earthly container. It is unleashed and becomes something else, just like the most exclusive and select trademarks.

The Trésor line was previously available only to certain independent boutiques, but now it’s finally available online as well. Our fragrances are ready to be presented as they are or they can also be wrapped to be given as one of the most exclusive gifts one can choose. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured they will amaze anyone you want.

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