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Your perfume is mainly for you

No other human being is like you. There are lots of human beings, and each of them is unique, meaning that no one can replicate how you are, talk, walk or the impact you leave on your wake. Your identity is yours and yours alone. While others are eager to try the latest trend, look at what everyone is looking or dress in identical clothes, you and your unusual presence take what's yours. 

The same can be said about your fragrance. Instead of going with the masses to buy the same perfume, your favourite perfume will transform itself into your signature fragrance the moment you apply it to your skin. Perfume alters its aroma when it’s applied to the body, truly capturing the wearer’s aura and essence.

There is a whole science behind why perfume alters its scent when applied to each. When you apply perfume, your body acts as a diffuser for the elements that comprise the concoction, going penetrating your skin and transforming the aroma into an experience that transcends its earthly container. It is unleashed and becomes something else, just like the most exclusive and select trademarks.

You are what and who you want. Everything you take is remarkable and implacable, just as you are. What makes your possessions unique, is you, and that also includes your perfume.  

Each and every Trésor Rare perfume is the epitome of luxury, a blend of timeless and special scents that are the secret behind creating an unusual fragrance. Each of them slightly changes with your body’s chemistry, which aids you in standing out. 

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