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    LIMITED EDITION One of the rarest of Trésor's enhanced treatments: The ELIXIR LUXE mask treatment has been designed to provide a superb age challenging effect to revitalise, firm and smooth your skin. Its brand new design adapts flawlessly to the contours of your face to provide you with the ultimate facial treatment. This mask’s effectiveness is...

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    This ultra-rich and fresh lotion is perfect for the grooming needs of men. Created to help hydrate, balance and nourish the skin. This lotion has been enhanced with a masculine aroma, and helps soothe any razor burn you may have without leaving any shine. Energises your skin to give you instant freshness.

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    This velvety cream immediately hydrates and soothes men’s skin, leaving a totally matte finish. This moisturising balm will nourish your skin and give you a relaxed and fresh feeling. This cream has is rich with very effective active ingredients that improve the skin tone and leave a younger looking and more vital skin.

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    This gel cleanses your skin whilst maintaining its natural equilibrium, making your skin healthier and younger. Aids in the stimulation of cellular renewal, and makes your skin appear younger and more vibrant.

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    A gel-serum for the eyes that effectively counteracts the effects of time on the skin around the eyes and gives a feeling of instantaneous freshness. It has been designed to maintain a younger appearance, and will make your skin look energised and firmer. Your skin will appear vibrant and less tired.

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    This concentrate is an incredible, cutting edge time released formula that combats all the effects of time on the area around your eyes: dark circles, fine lines, sagging lids and puffiness. For optimal results, use prior to The Complete Age Defying Skin Eye Zone Treatment.

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    Private Blend Haute Parfumerie An exotic, sensual and majestic limited edition aroma that comes in a delicate and precious bottle. You won’t be able to resist this masterful collection of only 5,000 numbered bottles. This singular aroma with oriental and floral notes has been delicately fused with real golden flakes of 24k gold to deliver a sparkling...

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    Like the area around the eyes, the neck, can be among the first areas to show the effects of time on the skin and needs special treatment. Its velvety texture has been created especially for the delicate skin on the neck, leaving it nourished, and softening troublesome creases and lines.

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    None of the pain and all the precision you would expect in a needle. This absolute premium, unprecedented, cutting edge lifting treatment has been inspired by the latest techniques in face lifting for an unparalleled and instantaneous lifting and tightening effect. This compound affects all the crucial signs of ageing using a singular and rare mixture of...

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